About Us


We are Nanny N Kids! We are a family owned and operated small business. We make and sell raw goat milk lotion, liquid soap and bar soap utilizing the milk we get from our Alpines, Nubians, Lamanchas, and Saanens

A little backstory about us... Brian and I met in 1991 and got married in 1994. By the end of that year the first of our 8 children was born. Two of our kids were lactose intolerant and we began to search for solutions. We found goat milk does not affect the human body in the same way and, in its unpasteurized form, provides many health benefits. So in 2008 we started out with just a few Alpines and milked by hand. After a couple of years we decided to sell the goats we had and invest in some registered Alpines so our kids could show in the local 4-H group. At this time we started making our own bar soap, selling to friends and family. By 2015 we made the decision to start growing our herd and prepared to sell milk commercially. We had our very first milk pickup March 26th 2016, with about 34 goats in a custom built parlor capable of milking 10 goats at a time. We continue to strive to improve genetically by purchasing specific bucks from farms that are where we wish to be. Although numbers may fluctuate a bit every year, 180 goats is the magic number that balances income and some free time to enjoy the life we have built on our farm.